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Derek is a co-founder of Vashon Island Books. He is descended from a distinguished American family, one of whose forebears is remembered for being the very first of the Minutemen to be killed during the War of the American Revolution.

Raised in Alaska, Derek is a former high school teacher with a wide range of interests and passions. A student of cartographic history, he can always be fascinated by an old map.  Derek also makes handmade paper, marbles paper by hand in several innovative experimental styles, and has begun exploring the arcane art of letterpress printing.

Vashon Island is Derek's adopted home, and offers ample opportunity to pursue his interests in fishing, hiking, golf, and cribbage (the latter with varying degrees of success).  With few nearby neighbors, Derek is able to indulge his passion for loud, distorted, discordant, erratically syncopated noise music. Derek's feline co-worker shares his love of loud screetching.

Chris: (Retired)

Chris has been with us for 8 years, and is the heart and soul of our shipping operation. Our internet customers whose orders are handled and packed by Chris often write with thanks for the care he takes.

The care Chris takes with books makes sense when his 'other career' comes to mind. Chris is the author of 5 published collections of poetry, and is the founder and editor of Spankstra Press, one of the Northwest's more innovative and active small press publishers of poetry.

Spankstra has published an extensive list of work by authors like Charles Bukowski, Todd Moore, Antler, etc., and we have high hopes for future productions.

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